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Within the Auto Rank User Log, you’ll find details on the actions you’ve taken using the plugin. This log showcases the latest 100 records, providing insights into: The Post/Page/Product Title along with its ID The timestamp for each log entry Whether the SEO update was successfully generated or if it failed, and whether the process …

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The table section provides the functionality to generate or rewrite all meta information based on your configured settings. Within the header section, you will find fields for the Title of the Post, AI Title, AI Description, AI Keyword, and AI Tags. By selecting ‘Generate/Regenerate,’ the system will generate the meta information for the specific post. …

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Auto Rank, when integrated within the Post Type, tailors its display according to your specified settings. To selectively generate SEO Meta for posts, simply enable “Enable Post Meta” in the settings. Choose the fields you wish to generate using Auto Rank and save your settings. This process can be replicated for Products and Pages. Enable …

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Auto Rank offers a dashboard module that allows you to view statistics regarding the number of Posts, Pages, and Products on your WordPress website, indicating how many are processed by Auto Rank. Additionally, a concise overview of Auto Rank’s Processed Table, Chart, and User Log is provided.

Introduction of Auto Rank Plugin for WordPress

The Auto Rank algorithm transforms search engine optimization by automating vital on-page tasks. It creates detailed Meta Titles, concise Meta Descriptions, relevant Focus Keywords, and accurate Tags for your website. This automation leads to better website visibility, a boost in organic traffic, increased click-through rates, and improved rankings in search engine results. Auto Rank provides …

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