Other Settings

Maximum Number of Posts – Specify the number of posts that the campaign should generate from the source URL. Set Original Date – Activate the option to set the source post date as the current post date. Post Type – Choose the post type based on your requirements, such as Post, Page, or Product. Product …

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Image Settings

Allow duplicate image – Enabling this option allows the scraping of images with the same name No Need of Featured Image – Automatically removes the featured image. Allow Amazon Gallery Image – Allow Amazon Gallery Image: The option is enabled by default; disable it if you don’t want Amazon gallery images, importing only the featured …

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Content Settings

Search and Replace: Add Words – Enable the option to replace or remove a specific word from the scraped content. Once selected, the ‘Add Words’ section appears, allowing you to specify the word. If no replacement word is provided in the ‘Replace word’ field, then the mentioned word will be automatically removed from the content. …

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Title Settings

Skip Post if word exists in Title – Use this feature to filter posts during scraping. It checks for a specified word; if found in the title, the post is skipped. Search and Replace: Add Words – Enable the option to replace or remove a specific word from the scraped title. Once selected, the ‘Add …

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Amazon Settings

Amazon Source Configuration – Input can be provided by adding keywords for the product, a link to the page, or HTML code (for wishlists). Amazon Region – Choose the Amazon region(Country) from which you want to scrape products. Skip the post if the price does not exist, or if it’s an out-of-stock or unavailable product …

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WP Auto is a WordPress plugin that includes Amazon integration capabilities, allowing users to automatically import products and content from Amazon onto their WordPress site. This feature enables seamless affiliate marketing by populating your website with Amazon products and affiliate links. Users can set up filters to target specific product categories, keywords, or price ranges, …

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