WP Auto Plugin

Source Settings

  1. Source URL – Enter the Multi Page Source URL.

  2. Select Single Page Link – Choose ‘Single Page Link’ to efficiently extract specific content from a Multi-page Source. The plugin has the functionality to scrape all pages below the selected link.

  3. Extract Links from Multiple Sections – Multipage may have multiple sections. With WP Auto, you can easily extract articles from multiple sections in a single campaign using this option.

  4. For example, the screenshot below shows multiple categories on a single page, such as Politics, National Security, Business, Health, etc. By selecting a single post from each category using this option, will allow the automatic scraping all the posts from the selected category within a page.

  5. Detect New Post – Enabling this option will automatically check for the latest posts.

  6. Enable Pagination – Activate this option if the source has a next page, and you want to scrape content from subsequent pages

  7. Select Pagination – Choose the next page of the Source using Visual selection or copy and paste the next page URL in ‘Place Next Pagination URL’

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