WP Auto Plugin

Image Settings

Image Extraction Method –

Now, you can find the featured image using the following options:

  1. Auto Finding – Automatically finds the featured image in the article.

  2. Visual Selection – This allows you to visually select the image you want to use as a featured image from inline images.

  3. Media Gallery – It will navigate to the Media Library in your WordPress, where you can select the image you want as the featured image.

  4. Other Sources – It is possible to fetch images from ‘PixaBay’ and ‘Pexels’. Simply mention the keyword in the search box.

Set og:image as a Featured Image –

It will forcefully set the OG image as the featured image.

Allow duplicate image –

Enabling this option allows the scraping of images with the same name.

No Need of Featured Image –

Automatically removes the featured image.

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