Animated Forms

General Fields

  • Field Name – It is a unique identifier for the field for backend identification and processing purposes

  • Label – Enter the name of the field, and the value will appear on the front end.

  • Description – Enter the description of the field. It serves as a hint of the field

  • Default – Specify the initial value of the field that needs to appear when the form is freshly loaded. It is useful when a particular option is commonly chosen by users and it can be overridden if they choose to select a different option or input a different value.

  • Placeholder – Provide the value to show the example of the expected input format for a field. It helps users to understand what type of information is required. It is a temporary text that disappears when users start typing over it.

  • Required – Enable the option if you want the field to be mandatory for submitting the form.

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